Complete Guides to National Poverty Eradication Programme

The National Poverty Eradication Programme is designed to ameliorate the spate of poverty among teeming populace. The programme is a non-profit organisation and is powered by Nigerian Youth support for economic growth.

The programme promises high level of industrial, innovation and infrastructural development, eliminating hunger through food security. This involves sustainable development goal which includes the the following;

  1. Zero Hunger
  2. No Poverty
  3. Industry
  4. innovation and infrastructural

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All these involves total end to economic recession, hunger, extreme poverty and brings about rapid economic transformation of the nation.

The National Poverty Eradication Programme soft loan in order to inhibits global poverty through national alliances on poverty eradication. The National Poverty Eradication Programme offers bounty of opportunities to refocus national attention on several issues which includes;

  1. Corporate to reduce poverty in the country
  2. work to recommits resources to people welfare and livelihood areas
  3. Education
  4. Poverty Reduction and eradication
  5. Health in both public and private sector
  6. Galvanize and infrastructure necessary for finance and technological support for the populace

The programme also offer gender inclusion for all nations and citizens. Applicants will immensely benefits from the programme. The target all age group in the country for the loan which would be offer for applicants.

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Categories of Loans Offer

The loan is categorised into two which are

  1. Personal Loan – This offers a wide range of packages to applicants. The offer includes not less than N200 thousand or more. This also includes flexible pattern of return of funds so that other can benefits.
  2. Corporate Loan – This offers ample opportunity for applicants that engages in corporate businesses. The personnel in this business would includes their names while applying for the programme

Requirements for Participation in National Poverty Eradication Programme

  1. All applicants should provide a valid means of identification while applying
  2. A valid phone number is needed while applying
  3. The purpose of application should be stated clearly on application portal
  4. A valid email is highly needed for communication
  5. Certificate of Corporate Registration in Nigeria
  6. Tax identification number must be provided

How to Apply for the Programme 

Interested applicants should click and apply for the programme. Interested persons should visit to read more and apply.

National Poverty Eradication Programme
National Poverty Eradication Programme