Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes – 5 Common Errors & Mistakes To Avoid

Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes
Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes

You have been submitting your CV/Resume for job applications, recruitment application several time, but you have not been called for an interview not that you are not qualified for the position. There are some overlooked mistakes in your curriculum Vitae(CV) or Resume. Ensure you avoid these Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes.

We will be discussing on some common, occurring and regular mistakes found in job applicants/employees curriculum Vitae/Resume during job recruitment/application.

Mistakes found in CV (curriculum Vitae). Most common mistakes job seekers/applicant make that makes them not to be called for interview 

Common Costly Mistakes & Blunders Found on Applicants CV – Why You’re Not Getting Invitation For Interview From Your Potential Employer By Whiteman.

The curriculum Vitae (CV) is very important this day because it bears and describe you to the organisation/employer you submitted your application.

While you are not there, the organisation pick up your CV and glance through to check whether you are qualify for the job you have successfully applied. A due consideration will be paid to the CV by organisation since it’s a compendium of who you are beginning from the cradle to your present moment.

5 Costly Common CV Mistakes Applicants Make during CV/Resume Writing / Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes.

Poor formatting (CV Arrangement)

Poor formatting is one of the first things employers notice when looking at your CV in your absence as you won’t be there to direct him/her to navigate through your CV. It can reflect badly on you, as it looks like you don’t pay close attention to detail to their instruction or standard CV/RESUME FORMAT.

Using different font size, character (family), multiple colours in a CV is bad ensure you are consistence in your usage of type-formatting .  Remember that your CV/resume is you, so this means no typos errors or jarring font changes halfway through,” according to Connect Assist, recruitment manager,   Rebecca Martin.

Note ensure you List strength first especially from your current and highest qualification/certification downwards, for example Ph.D comes before M.Sc, then B.Sc, then Olevel and First School Leaving Certificate(FSLC).


What message are you sending to the Company, Organization, and your employer? This is a very bad presentation that will not get the job no matter how experience you are.  In a period of two years, you have worked in five (5) different organization (i.e every 4months you leave your current job), which tell your employer that you will soon leave the firm in a short while.

This is always over looked and means no harm to you, but actually it does more harm than good in front of your employer or the organization or company you submitted your CV/resume.

But in case of two jobs in in the minimum of eight (8) years, this put before the employer that you are knowledgeable and you can be trusted for the job.

ABSENCE OF COVER LETTER / Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes. 

 When you are asked to submit your CV for a job opening/vacancy, many make of not attaching or sending also a copy of their COVER LETTER or APPLICATION LETTER attached to your CV.  I know you always overlook this part and only submit your cv, resume to your employer.

Once you do this, wait for a good response from where you submit the CV. Try this in your next job application and see the remarkable positive result your will get out of it.

Every CV must be cleverly prepared to put you in the position and get the job as soon as possible in your career.

Just keep the rule and watch out to what will become of you in your next application.

YOUR APPLICATION ADDRESS IS VERY IMPORTANT / Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes.  

Reality, no employer will employ you when your residential address is far away from the company location. This shows you that address is a very crucial and important role in your CV/resume and cover letter. Try to avoid Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes.

How many times when employer could hire employee from any part of the country and cater for their settling down by provision of housing and other necessary amenities that will make the employee settle down

No company loves paying employee transportation fee on a daily basis. I know you must be surprised and remembering all your job/recruitment application addresses right now. Whenever you are apply for a job, ensure you tailor the address down to where the job is located, this will make your application selection chance high.

Let your address be close to your job location when applying for the next job vacancy.


This is where many applicants overlook during CV writing, their contact address like email address format. I know you might think email address doesn’t matter, but it matter a lot. Your email address name should be clear and it must not contain any silly or funny name. Ensure you avoid Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes.

Wrong Email Address to use

For example some use or or to apply for a job which is VERY wrong in CV writing. This email name shows that you are not ready for this job.

Better Email Address to use

Recommended email address for Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume in applying for a job should be the combination of your name: if your name is Peter Dennis your email should be or

You have been neglecting this part during your CV writing and you never knew that it affects your job applications.


Most people think that the number of reference/referee and positions of reference/referee gives them high chance of been employed.  Employers will not ask for reference details until you have been offered the job, then you will be asked for guarantor/reference.

Include your reference/referee when it is slated and made compulsory by the employer/company/organization.

Note, some less-scrupulous recruiters may contact referees without your permission in order to pitch their services – this could be damaging to your relationships with your referee.

Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes
Common Curriculum Vitae/Resume (CV) Mistakes