Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme – Apply Now

Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme. The Scheme is a special credit intervention fund of originally N200billion created by the Federal Government of Nigeria to fast track the development of the agricultural sector economy by providing credit facilities to commercial agricultural enterprises at a single digit interest rate.

The key agricultural commodities covered under the Scheme are:

  • Production:
    • Cash Crops: Cotton, Oil Palm, Fruit Trees. Rubber, Sugar Cane, Jatropha Curcas and Cocoa.
    • Food Crops: Rice, Wheat, Cassava, Maize/Soya, Beans/Millet, Tomatoes and Vegetables
    • Poultry: Broilers and Eggs Production
    • Livestock: Meat, Dairy and Piggery
    • Aquaculture: Fingerlings and Catfish
  • Processing: Feed-mills Development, Threshing, Pulverisation and other forms of transmutation for value addition.
  • Storage: Commodities, Agro-Chemicals and Warehousing.
  • Farm Input Supplies: Fertilizers, Seeds/Seedlings, Breeder Stock, Feeds, Farm equipment & Machineries.
  • Marketing: Agricultural commodities under the focal investment areas

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Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme Feature

  • Single digit interest rate (9% all-in, max).

  • Single obligor limit of up to N2billion for medium and large scale private sector enterprises and N1billion for state governments.      

  • The participating private sector entity must have a minimum farm asset base of N50million (excluding farm land).

  • Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) is required in the case of State Governments.     

  • Fund available till 2025.     

  • Loan tenor of up to 5 years.

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  • Funding provided at cheap cost.
  • Longer tenor of loan. 
  • Funding targeted to specific agricultural production.
  • Medium or Large Scale Commercial Farms involved in cultivation of crops, rearing of livestock, fisheries, etc.           
  •  Limited Liability Companies involved in agricultural production, storage, processing, marketing and enterprise development.          
  •  State Governments and the FCT (for on-lending/special intervention to small scale farmers).

Application Categories 

. Personal/individual/Corporate

. Business

How to apply

Interested persons should click the link and apply

Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme