Chelsea Highlights Diamond Formula To Win UCL

Chelsea last game of the season is against English Champions, Manchester City in the battle for Europe Champions on 29th of May.

The two league rivals booked their presence in the final of the Europe elite completion after overcoming a stern test against their semi final opponent. The two teams superlative displayed against their opponents earned them showdown against each other in Portugal where this year final will be decided.

Chelsea male team has two finals to play but they have lost the first to league rival, Leicester City in a scintillating encounter on Saturday at the prestigious Wembley Stadium in London. The unbearable loss irked the blues and would unleash a complete mayhem on their opponent to amend the FA Cup loss to Leicester.

In a heart-aching scenario the female team lost to Barcelona female team in emphatic 4-0 goals conceded to their opponent. The result caused a major wound to the Chelsea fan base globally and rival fans touted the blues fans with words like they will go trophless this season regardless of all the effort made in the competition.

The psychological damage the two loss caused the blues is huge and the Chelsea main team could employ diamond formula to defeat their opponent in May. Loss again is unfathomable, this is according to Port Harcourt based Chelsea fan, Godwin Montelly. The can’t loss all three finals as pundits have said, the blues will rise above contrary predictions and deliver the giant trophy on 29th.

Godwin Montelly revealed Chelsea will adopt the all important diamond formula to ran riot against their opponent in Portugal. The effect of hat-trick losses will be huge on the black retina of the blues. Tuchel very best will be on display and the end point will be the blues having the giant trophy in the cabinet a result that will be contrary to pundits views and thought.

Chelsea have rejuvenated in the latter part of the season under Germain manager, Thomas Tuchel. The manager dressing effect is positive and this is seen on the performance of the blues. The blues have recorded fee losses and a huge points have been accumulated in the last five months with the blues season ending as expected.

The blues are wary of the threat Pep Guardiola’s men pose but that would amount to nothing when they both meet on the 29th. The only deliverables would be to bring the trophy to Stamford Bridge, this will be a desirous feelings for the blues fans globally and that will also amend the two initial losses which came in the FA Cup and the Women Champions League on Sunday.