How To Check Npower/NASIMS Verification Status Successfully

This piece of article concern those that applied for Npower batch c and are currently expecting deployment and physical verification which follows after taken test on the NASIMS portal.The applicants for the batch are currently waiting to know their status after a long wait for the next steps of action in respect to the batch C application as the good news was made available at the weekend by the Mrs Sadiya Farouq.

There are basic steps to take before you can successfully check your deployment and verification status on the NASIMS portal. Failure to adhere to the instructions given made land you inability to gain access to the main dashboard.

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The below are the steps to take if you want to successfully access status on NASIMS portal.

. Every applicant in the batch C should visit the nasims main website and login. The main website is

. Applicants are expected to login with the email they applied with on the nasims portal or your Npower application I.D

. Once you successfully login to the nasims website through the details above, click the’verification’ button that appear below your profile to view your enrollment status.

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. If you are successfully taken, you will find a congratulatory message, with a finger print badge. If you see a blank space, please retry this may be due to quality of of browser or your network

. Now activate ‘capture finger print enrollment’ button feature

NB: Use a computer system to achieve this as your smartphone is not built for heavy tasks.

. If your status says check back, do not panic because the portal is busy and more data are installed to the portal.

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