CambriLearn scholarship programme

Applications are now open for the CambriLearn scholarship programme!

The scholarship programme is open to any student who;

  • has completed at least one term in a homeschooling or online learning environment,
  • is between the ages of 6 and 17,
  • demonstrates excellence in academics, sport, cultural activities or creative arts.

If you get started now and are awarded the scholarship we will refund any payments that you have made as well as cover any future costs for the duration of the scholarship.

Homeschooling students who wish to apply for a full CambriLearn tuition scholarship can submit their motivational letter and application via our website.

Applications close 31 May 2022.

How to Apply

Please submit your application using the form below. As part of the application process, we request that the student write a 200 – 300 word motivational letter highlighting some of their most notable achievements and explaining why they would like to become a CambriLearn student.

Click to Apply

*Younger students may be assisted by their parents in writing the motivational letter.