Batch C Steam 2 Selection Updates – How To Check Approved Status

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How To Check Approved Status – This instructions is for those who applied for Npower Batch C but was not part of stream 1 selection.

Npower stream 1 have been successfully deployed with their resumption date at their place of primary assignment slated for 4th of October. Those who have been successfully deployed and finalised their deployment process would commence work on Monday, 4th of October.

There are thousands of applicants who will not be part of the Npower Batch C programme. You recall that Nigerians in good number applied for the batch C programme with fee slots as beneficiaries.

The stream 1 has taken above half of the number of slots the federal government of Nigeria want to take. The stream 2 will take the remaining number to complete the number of beneficiaries the federal government needed.

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How To Check Approved Status –  Steps To Check Stream 2 Selection & Applicants Status

Applicants of batch C who were not part of stream 1 could be part of stream 2. There are steps Applicants who is not yet a beneficiaries could take to check their if they are on the selection process.

Applicants should follow the instructions as dished out respectively to check their status.

. Applicants should dial the approved and official Npower code to check their status. Applicants should dial *45665# to check their status.

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How To Check Approved Status – Steps To Take Again

Once that code is dialed, information will pop up which applicants should follow judiciously to check their status. Number one on the information list is the Npower. Applicants should enter 1 which will take them to another information page.

How To Check Approved Status – Check Npower I.D

Once applicants are on this page, such should enter their Npower I.D. This should follow Npower applicants programme. And their after applicants approved status will pop up on the phone screen.

In addition to the above, Applicants place of primary assignment (PPA). Follow with physical center and physical verification date.

How To Check Approved Status