Apply for Financial Grants for Cooperative Societies

Financial Grants for Cooperative Societies – Our current program for 2023/2024 financial grant program for cooperative societies is open for applications.

Part of the process is that we will come for physical verification of your members and supervise your project for 6 months after the grants have been paid to you. Register your cooperative society using the form below.

Society Formation

Co-operative Societies are of great interest to grant agencies that promote community projects and unity. Get your cooperative registered and secure a certificate for it.

Grant Application

A well tailored financial grant proposal can bring a surprising financial grants up to $15 million and you can receive grants from more than one agency.

Receive Funding

Grants are communicated through the executives of the cooperative union for disbursement depending on the project and activities of the society.


  • Farmers Co-operative Societies.
  • Marketing Co-operative Societies.
  • Credit Co-operative Societies.
  • Producer Co-operative Societies.
  • Consumer Co-operative Societies.
  • Co-operative Housing Societies

You will be required to make payment base on the number of members in your cooperative members to be registered as financial grant beneficiaries for the 2023 financial grant program. Click the link below as it will detect and redirect you to the payment page base on your country of residence from your browser.

After you complete your payment on the page, we will contact you immediately to profile your cooperative society and request for the list of members for the financial grant and we proceed through other process to submission of bank account numbers then payment. Our programs have been successful with average payment of $15,000 per cooperative member.

Apply here

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