Apply for Federal NALDA Jobs & NALDA Programme

Apply for Federal NALDA Jobs & NALDA Programme
Apply for Federal NALDA Jobs & NALDA Programme

Federal NALDA Jobs & NALDA Programme – At the National Agricultural Land Development Authority, under the Presidency, we are saddled with the mandate of harnessing the full potentials of the vast arable lands in Nigeria, empowering small Holder and large Scale Farmers and mechanize, support the drive for Food and Fiber security while assisting in diversifying the nation’s economy, improving household incomes and enhancing revenue mobilization and generation nationwide.

What We Do

Land Survey / Acquisition and Allocation

In our quest to harness the vast potentials of the Nigerian Land, we are tasked with the responsibility of developing the land in rural areas through the establishment of Integrated Farm Estates, to increase our agricultural output as a nation.

Food & Fibre Security

At NALDA, in the spirit of fulfilling our mandate, we will achieve Food and Fiber Security, for the Nation, we will achieve this by initiating various programs to empower the youth in agriculture.

Youth and Women Empowerment

We believe that the future belong to the youth, and the importance of making agriculture attractive to our citizens, especially the youth is not lost on us, we believe in catching them young, and in that spirit we organize seminars and workshops to teach new and innovative farming techniques.

Our Programmes

In accordance with our mandate, we have set up some programmes to hit the ground running in fulfilling our mandate

Women In Agriculture

At NALDA, we believe that women are an integral part of the workforce, and so we will empower women in agriculture. We plan to profile, engage and train women to take part in fish farming and aquaculture. We will provide the feeds, the medicines and access to clean water to ensure optimal production. We will also empower processors to help process the outputs according to domestic and international standards.

Back to Farm Initiative

Under this initiative, we intend to drum up awareness in the populace, highlighting the importance of going back to the farm, as farming the NALDA way has been made attractive by incorporating new and innovative methods of farming. We will be in partnerships with various paramilitary outfits in the country, along with our NYSC, and various professionals and associations.

Agro Input Intervention

This intervention will be geared towards active farmers to help them expand, we will provide subsidies in collaboration with the Agricultural Development Project, Value Chain Actors, State Ministries of Agriclture and Co-operative bodies.


Under this programme, NALDA’s focus is on encouraging the Nigerian youth to participate in agriculture. Our goal would be to attract, encourage and empower 1000 farmers from each of the 774 LGAs in Nigeria anually, cutting accross the entire Agricultural Value Chain.

A Breakdown is given below:

Breakdown of NYFS farmersdistributed according toactivities in an LGACropFar…GoatRe…Ra…Fis…Lo…Pro…500

Farming Activity No of Farmers
Crop Farming 500
Goat Rearing 100
Rabbit Rearing 100
Fishery 100
Local Chicken Production 100
Processing & Marketing 100

The Pilot Phase of the NYFS programme has already started empowering young farmers in Animal Husbandry (Rabbit and Goat Rearing) and Fishery


This Pilot Programme will empower 100 young farmers from 3 LGAs in 18 States of the country including the FCT. It will be executed in Cycles, following a Revolving Model, broken down below:

  1. Farmers are Identified and Sorted into Goat Farmers and Rabbit Farmers, and trained accordingly.

  2. Three goats (One Male, Two Females) are given to the Goat Farmers and Five Rabbits (One Male, Four Females) are given to the Rabbit Farmers to nurture to maturity.

  3. After a period of 3 months 10 Rabbits will be collected from each Rabbit Farmer, and 1 Goat will be collected from each Goat Farmer; and after 6 months.

  4. The collected animals will be pooled, and a new batch of Farmers will be identified, trained and given animals to nurture to maturity, and hence a new Cycle commences.

A Farmer who participates in the Cycle above for 30 months (2.5 years), owns his animals and whatever proceeds they may give him, the Farmer can also sell his animals and proceeds back to NALDA. Using this system, our projected Farmer growth will be exponential as seen in the charts below, after three cycles:

Illustration of Goats and Farmergrowth after each CycleGoatsFarmersFirstCycleSecondCycleThirdCycle05,00010,00015,00020,000Numbers

Cycle Goats Farmers
First Cycle 5,700 1,900
Second Cycle 7,600 2,533
Third Cycle 10,133 3,377

Illustration of Rabbits and Farmergrowth after each CycleRabbitFarmersFirstCycleSecondCycleThirdCycle010,00020,00030,00040,00050,00060,00070,00080,00090,000100,0…Numbers

Cycle Rabbit Farmers
First Cycle 25,000 5,000
Second Cycle 50,000 10,000
Third Cycle 100,000 20,000

The financial benefit of this program to the farmers is immense, taking the rabbit for instance, a farmer has at least 3 major avenues for income from a rabbit colony:

  1. Meat: A farmer can make up to 50,000 Naira, from the Meat as it is highly nutritious and rich in protein.

  2. Skin and Fur: A farmer can make up to 30,000 to 40,000 Naira from the hide and skin of rabbits, they are used in making clothes and sandals.

  3. Waste Products: A farmer can make between 30,000 to 40,000 Naira from the rabbits, as the Waste Products are excellent alternatives to chemical fertilizers, being rich in Nitrogen and Phosphorous.


The economic importance of Fishery as a viable source of Income, Food and Fibre cannot be overlooked, hence NALDA has kickstarted its Fishery/Aquaculture.

This Pilot Programme is empowering 2,000 young Fish Farmers and 40 Fish Processors from Borno and Katsina States and the Fishery operation will be run in clusters.

NALDA will provide the necessary training, irrigation, Feeds and Medicine to our young farmers. We believe that this will bring us closer to our goal of producing what we eat.


NALDA is set to train and engage 37,000 youth as soil doctors across the 36 states including FCT. The long term goal of the programme centers on engaging young Nigerian into the scientific method of farming to aid better crop yields and food security across the Nation.

The core essence of this engagement programme is geared towards creating a pool of qualified Nigerian youth who will carry out soil tests, soil management and extension services for farmers across the nation at a very subsidized rate.

The programme is targeted at young Nigerian graduates who have a background in agriculture or sciences, the potential graduate must be passionate about agric business and food security in Nigeria. At the end of a 14-day training on soil testing, soil management and extension services, NALDA will equip each graduant with soil test kits to practice. The general objective of this programme is to train and equip young Nigerian graduates with soil test, soil management and extension services skills. The young doctors will assist farmers to evaluate their soil, identify soil nutrients and prescribe fertilizers and crops suitable for their farm lands for a better yield.


In the one year and six months that NALDA has been operating after it was reinstated by President Muhammadu Buhari; We have undertaken a lot of projects and programmes with the sole aim of securing food and fiber for the country, by attracting the youth and engaging women across the six geopolitical zones of the country. You will find below the various projects and programmes we have undertaken to ensure that we produce what we eat and eat what we produce.

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Apply for Federal NALDA Jobs & NALDA Programme
Apply for Federal NALDA Jobs & NALDA Programme