Ahead of Loan & ATM Card Distribution, SEIFAC Speaks To Applicants

SEIFAC ATM Disbursement

SEIFAC – SEIFAC management has spoken to all applicants awaiting loan and ATM Card distribution.

SEIFAC application took place in the beginning of the 2021 with many young Nigerians applied for the farmers loan. The essence of the Loan was aimed to fast track and boost Agricultural empowerment in Nigeria. The vision behind the loan offer meets Nigerians aspiration for Agricultural empowerment.

In recent times, the loan management announced that it would be distributing over 60,000 ATM Card to worthy applicants. The production of the ATM Card is currently in progress and will be distributed to all worthy applicants as at when due.

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SEIFAC – Special Information To Applicants

Ahead of the loan and ATM Card distribution to applicants that merits loan, the management has issued a statement to all applicants while they awaits loan distribution as well as ATM Card. The statement was made available to all applicants on the official web blog of the loan.

SEIFAC – Be Wary of Fraudster, Loan Management Issued Warnings To Members

In a bid to avoid falling victims to scammers, the management of smallholder economic interest farmers Agricultural cooperative (seifac) has taken a proactive step by cautioning her members to ignore any loan approval by sms, emails on social media. Any loan approval by sms, emails while the ugly situation has been reported to the appropriate security authorities to clamp down on the perpetrators of these Ill art.

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This is contained in a statement duly signed by the programme national coordinator of the loan by Mr Patrick Abur, and made available to the media on Thursday.

The statement reads, ” any loan approval message either by sms, email and social media are fake as such message doesn’t emanate from SEIFAC.

” We are appealing to you to be careful not to fall prey in the hands of fraudster with miscreant activities as SEIFAC as will never ask her members not to pay into any accounts apart from their wallet project account. More of the stories can be read on the web blog by those interested to read.