Agrifood Techpreneur Programme

Applications are now open for the Global Agrifood Techpreneur Programme, a food system sustainability business development programme designed to last for 12 months.

The Global Agrifood Techpreneur will support young graduates to engage in addressing key food sustainability challenges in their country to improve food production and distribution, end hunger, end obesity and malnutrition while preventing food waste.

How does it Work?
  • Graduates are invited to submit an application about a food system challenge in their country and their solution to addressing it. A team of experts will review the application and a winner will be selected from each country to participate in the AgriFood TechPreneur Programme. The top three finalist from each country will be announced as they celebrate World Engineering Day (WED) for Sustainable Development.

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  • The graduates participating in the AgriFood TechPreneur Programme will be trained to develop a robust and sustainable business plan to solve the food system challenge in their country. This is a 6 weeks interactive programme scheduled to kick off in May.
  • Working with Universities, AgriFood TechPreneurs will be provided with support such as research facilities, land, trading platform -the World Food Tracker Platform, etc. as relevant to the solution to deliver their plan in a very small scale and validate their business proposition. The AgriFood TechPreneurs will improve their business plan based on the learning from the small trial to seekĀ fundingĀ from financial institutions.
  • Through their partnership with Financial Institutions, the AgriFood TechPreneurs will be able to access finance to scale up their solution by improving their business plan based on the learning from the small trial. For clarity, the decision to provide scale-up finance lies with the financial institution, however, they will do their best to ensure that the AgriFood TechPreneurs are well prepared and positioned to get approval for scale up funding.

Method of Application

Interested persons should click the link to apply