Agricultural Start -Ups in Nigeria

Nigerians are known around the world for their entrepreneurial spirit.
They have been successful in a variety of fields, including education, business, the arts, and a variety of other activities, both at home and abroad.

The younger generation, particularly millennials, are taking agriculture by storm.

The top ten agricultural start-ups in Nigeria are shown below.


Onyeka Akumah founded Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agricultural platform, which connects farm sponsors with genuine farmers to enhance food production.

Farmcrowdy has been able to empower farmers across Nigeria by providing them with funding, high-quality seeds, and capacity building to help them increase their productivity.

The platform has also encouraged young people to get involved in farming, as well as bringing others on board who are interested in farming but lack the time or expertise to do so.

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Kerekusk Rice

Rotimi Williams, a Lagos native, moved to Nasarawa state as part of the Kerekusk Rice project.
Despite initial setbacks, he persevered and was able to make his business profitable.
Kerekusk Rice is Nigeria’s second-largest rice plantation, thanks to a partnership with his host community, which gifted him over 45,000 hectares of land.
In an interview, Rotimi argues that more government action is needed to support small-scale rice farmers and make their businesses viable for them as well
Farming rice

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