AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme

AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme
AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme

AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme – Elengo is organising AgricBusiness training for persons willing to have some forms of modern Agricultural training.

Available Training Courses

. Poultry / Livestock

. Vegetables / Fruits

. Business / Valuation Addition

AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme: What will you learn?

1. THE BASICS – Learn about proper growing regions, farm set-up and seed selection.

2. NURSERY DEVELOPMENT – Understand proper nursery set-up and management to ensure maximum germination.

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3. DEVELOPMENT STAGES  Learn about the various development stages (transplanting to harvest), crop care and proper management practices to ensure maximum output.

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4. ECONOMICS & MARKETS – Understand the economics and cash needs of the business and how to prepare to source a reliable market.

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Training Benefits / AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme

. LIFETIME ACCESS to 3-4 hours of practical training videos with agriculture experts.

. A CERTIFICATE  OF COMPLETION if you pass the final test.

. ACCESS TO EXPERTS to help answer your questions.

. A Course Note

Programmes Are Perfect for ;

New entrepreneurs who want to learn about various areas of agri-business and choose what is right for them.

. Serious farmers looking to diversify their business and grow their income.

. Extension providers and other experts looking to re-educate themselves on numerous aspects of farming.

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Programme Duration

The programme Duration are available for 6 months, ,1 Year and a lifetime.

Steps to Registration

. Visit the registration portal

. Enter your details accurately, using your emails address and password.

. Verify your account creation via an email sent to your supplied email.

How To Apply

Interested individuals should click the link below to apply.

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AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme
AgricBusiness Training & Grants Programme