National Insurance Records

National Insurance Records – This is a record of all the national insurance contributions. Also, national insurance credit received by an individual.

A gap in an individual’s insurance contribution can affect such persons entitlement from the insurance company or Government. There are four critical aspect that could be affected by Gap in insurance contributions.

The areas includes

. New state pension

. Basic state station

. Support allowance and contributory employment

. Contribution-based jobseekers allowance

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National Insurance Records – Individual Can Check National Insurance Records

If you’re interested, you can check your national insurance records online to see

. What you have contributed before the start of the new year.

. National Insurance Credits you’ve received so far.

. Make voluntary contribution to cover up gap and how much such would cost intended persons.

. To see qualifying years. If gaps in contribution and credits means some years do not count towards your state pension.

Individual should note that online records do not cover how much pension you’re likely to get.

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National Insurance Records How To Start National Insurance Records

Before an individual commence:  you would posses Government pass i.d and password to gain access and check your national insurance records. Individual who do not have pass i.d can generate on when such persons visits the online portal.

National Insurance Records

Individual  Personal tax account: Once you attempt to sign-in and check your details, your personal accounts is activated. You can begin to check your your records with the details you have created on the online portal.

Payment of National Insurance To Unauthorised Person

Any Individual who made insurance contribution to none authorise person, such contribution won’t in the state pension.

Every contribution made should be done through the authorise persons so that such could reflects at the state pension board.